Denny Crane- Guns

A clip from Boston Legal involving Denny Crane and Guns….A very comprehensive rant by actor Christian Clemenson, as Jerry Espenson in Boston Legal episode Dancing With Wolves, season 5, episode 3.
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„A well educated population, being necessary to the economic prosperity of the nation, the right of the people to keep and read books shall not be infringed.“

Now after reading that alternate wording, do you believe the amendment only applies to those individuals enrolled in an accredited university course? Of course not. That’s how ridiculous it is to say that the 2nd amendment only applies to individuals serving in a military capacity. The 2nd amendment codifies an individual right to gun ownership (within reasonable limits determined through precedent and judicial review) for any lawful purpose, explicitly, though not exclusively, for the purposes of membership in an old school 18 century militia.
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Denny Crane- Guns


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Was ich soll und schulde, steht im Steuerbescheid.
Was ich nicht darf, steht im Strafgesetzbuch.
Und alles andere kann ich selbst entscheiden.
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