Elena Orlowa — Pray for me — Помолись за меня

Elena Orlowa — PRAY FOR ME — CD „Senderos de amor y humo“ — Spanish & Russian Music Fusion Lyrics — Oksana Kyshtymova Music — Elena Orlowa Recorded in Canary Islands Pray for me Pray for me. Pray for me like you can Hold your breath for a second and remember me, Fold your palms in front of you. I know you believe That your prayer will save me from the blind fire. Pray for me. Pray for me, I know its hard One doesnt need the word Amen and the candles in front of the image of Christ, The words of those prayers are usually lies, If theres no sin in a soul. Those whove never had sinful desires, falls and thoughts, Those who havent repented, regretted or begged, Havent lived Dont consider yourself better and purer, Pray for me and let the wind blow the candle Pray for me. Pray for me like you can.. Pray for me… Pray… Shedding the precious powder off its wings, A butterfly was wandering in a dark night. He saw a candle in the window and it looked like it began to dawn. He rushed toward it and vanished in the fire. Pray for me. Pray for me like you can.. Pray for me…Pray… Reza por mí Reza por mí. Reza por mí, como puedas… Detén el aliento por un instante y recuérdame. Junta las manos ante ti —de hecho sé que crees Que me salvarás del fuego ciego con tu oración. Reza por mí. Reza por mí, sé que es difícil… Ya que ni el „amén“ ni las velas ante la imagen de Cristo son necesarias aquí. Las palabras del alma y las

Elena Orlowa

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Was ich soll und schulde, steht im Steuerbescheid.
Was ich nicht darf, steht im Strafgesetzbuch.
Und alles andere kann ich selbst entscheiden.
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