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Since the birth of his junior, precise Peter has been looking forward to this day. Finally the little tyke will be introduced to the subtleties of the family ritual. The fish is ready, the garden prepared and the sun is shining as planned. The great dinner ceremony may begin! This video has been shortlisted for YouTube Play. See the shortlist at For more of Herrschmidt’s animation visit AWARDS Honorary Mention, Computeranimation/Film/VFX, Prix ARS Electronica 2010 Gryphon Award for Best Short Film, Elements +3, 40th Giffoni Film Festival (2010) Audience Award for Best Student Film, Anima Mundi Animation Festival 2010 Best Kids Award, Fantoche Animation Festival 2010 Kids Audience Award, Fantoche Animation Festival 2010 REVIEWS: „Martin Schmidt’s Precise Peter is an inventive bit of CG filmmaking, made more impressive by the fact that it’s a student film produced at the German school University of Art Kassel. It’s fun to see a film in which the animation itself plays such an important role in the storytelling. The sound design, which has a rhythmical quality of its own, adds to the experience.“ ( „A pleasure for all of us that don’t take things too seriously.“ (Shorts at Moonlight Film Festival) „Lovably entertaining and animated with wit and ease.“ (FBW – German Board of Film Classification) Schon seit der Zeugung seines Sohnemanns freut sich der präzise Peter auf den heutigen Tag. Endlich wird der Kleine in die Feinheiten

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