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Waka Waka -This Time for Africa – FIFA World Cup Song 2010

Eröffnungskonzert der FIFA-Fußball-WM 2010 Shakira. Eröffnungsspiels der Fußball-WM veranstaltet die FIFA in Johannesburg ein gigantisches Live-Konzert. Eröffnungsfeier im livestream — WM-Auftakt mit Shakira im ZDF. Shakira auch den offiziellen WM-Song ‘Waka Waka – This Time For Africa” sang. Shakira feat. Freshlyground performing World Cup song Waka Waka at the kickoff concert in Soweto / South Africa on June 10, 2010! Shakira – Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) -Official Video- Mondiali 2010
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Khalid Boulahrouz entschuldigt sich bei Jessica Kastrop für den Kopfschuss …

Pentecost 2010: Welcome to Cape Town/South Africa – Pfingsten 2010 in Kapstadt/Südafrika

On Pentecost 2010 the eyes of all New Apostolic Christians will be fixed on Cape Town (South Africa). On Sunday 23 May 2010, Chief Apostle Wilhelm Leber will conduct a divine service in the worlds largest New Apostolic Church building, in Tafelsig, a district of the metropolis on the southern tip of the African continent. The service will be transmitted via satellite and internet to many New Apostolic congregations. An international Apostle’s meeting will take place on the Friday prior to Pentecost in Cape Town, where more than 350 active Apostles of the New Apostolic Church are invited. On Saturday the Chief Apostle, the District Apostles and Apostles are invited to a concert in the Silvertown church. Music events take place in this auditorium on a regular basis. The festive Pentecost concert will be transmitted worldwide, (start: 5pm local time). Everyone is heartily welcome to attend the concert on Saturday and the divine service on Sunday. Information about where the nearest transmission will be received can be found online in the search for congregations in Europe on nak-adressbuch.de or the websites of the particular regional church worldwide. New Apostolic Christians commemorate Pentecost as the day when the Holy Spirit was dispensed to the faithful. In remembrance of the event at that time in Jerusalem they see Pentecost as the birthday of the church of Jesus Christ. It is recognised as an especially joyful celebration. ————– Pfingsten 2010 blickt die
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BRENDA FASSIE singing for Nelson Mandela in South Africa (Vul'indlela / vulindlela)

I’m not pocessing any copyrights or licences of this video/song. Ich besitze keinerlei Rechte an diesem Video/Song. BRENDA FASSIE singing for Nelson Mandela in South Africa. I love this song… I could hear it over and over again :0) Brenda Fassie was so full of energy. With her music she made all the people dance… even Nelson Mandela :0) RIP :,-(
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Check this out Маралжингоо , Энхзол , Цэлмүүн , Уянга – Би Эр Хүнд Хайртай
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Akon feat. Keri Hilson – Oh Africa (Hymne zur Fußball-WM 2010)

Akon feat. Keri Hilson – Oh Africa (Hymne zur Fußball-WM 2010)

Berlin – Der Countdown läuft: Am 11. Juni wird in Südafrika die Fußball-WM 2010 eröffnet. Die erste große Hymne zum Sport-Ereignis gibt es schon jetzt. Hier können Sie den Song anhören. Hymnen zur Fußball-WM werden in diesem Jahr noch einige erscheinen. Akon bringt sich als erster in Position. Den im Senegal aufgewachsenen Künstler kannte man hierzulande bislang vor allem durch seinen Nummer-1-Hit “Lonely”. Für den WM-Song erhält er Unterstützung von Newcomerin Keri Hilson (“I Like”). Der Erlös fließt in afrikanische Hilfsprojekte. Der WM-Song heißt “Oh Africa”. Er verbindet afrikanische Rhythmen mit dem typischen Fußball-Feeling. Berlin – The countdown is on 11 June is opened in South Africa, the FIFA World Cup 2010. The first great sports anthem for the event, there is now. Here you can listen to the song. Anthems for the soccer World Cup will be published this year for some. Akon takes to be the first in position. The artist grew up in Senegal was known in this country so far mainly by its number-1 hit For the World Cup song, he receives support from newcomer Keri Hilson The proceeds go to African relief projects.The World Cup song called He combines African rhythms with the typical football feeling.

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