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Devil Beside You – Sadness and Sorrow

Please watch in HQ! It’s ways better! DISCLAIMER: This video is PURELY fan made. It is in no way associated with the musical artists in anyway. I do not own the song or the show, all material is used for my personal use and not for gain. All material is copyrighted to it’s original owners!! ________________________________ Mensch, Mensch, habe gerade gesehen, dass es eine gewisse Person gibt, die meine Videos schlecht bewertet.. Naja, meine Videos sagen über mich mal garnichts aus von daher verstehe ich nicht, wieso sie das tut! Aber naja, wenn es Spaß macht und man sowieso ein langweiliges Leben hat und das Bedürfnis verspürt Sue zu stalken – dann lass ich sie das tun :) Viel Spaß noch in der Zukunft :) ________________________________ After watching this taiwanese drama I REALLY! fell in Love with Mike He.. he’s the hottest man i’ve ever seen and one day, i’ll go to taiwan and marry him ;D i’m really addicted to this drama now !! I made it really fast so it’s short and not as good as it should be :) Mike he belongs only to Sue and Rachel!! ;D #49 – Top Favorited (Today) – Film & Animation #74 – Top Rated (Today) – Film & Animation #97 – Most Discussed (Today) – Film & Animation
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„Alright, I give you the Runt. But you take care of it, and you kill it in one year“ said my uncle. Script, design, direction: Andreas Hykade Animation: Andreas Hykade, Ralf Bohde Artwork: Natalia Eck, Frauke Striegnitz, Helene Tragesser Digital effects: Ruth Weber Technical direction: Tobias Pfeiffer Music: Ulrich Reuter Sound: Floridan Tonstudios Funding: MFG, BKM, HFF, Kuratorium Production: Thomas Meyer-Hermann Studio FILM BILDER, 2006
Video Rating: 4 / 5

3 of 4 Satanism,Occult, devil worship in music industry

3 of 4 Satanism,Occult, devil worship in music industry -Hollywood Insiders Dark Stars examines Illuminati symbolism, Predictive programming, 9 synchronicities, and Satanism in Hollywood and the music industry. nuclear american chicago bird flu michael tsarion bible jesus magic worship witchcraft tyranny america…

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Thanks for the time you spend looking and listening sessions that are broadcast here, Thanks for supporting the House genre but more agradesco the support they give me every day … Take advantage of the session it was made for you … Your Friend Dj Kosmilove Greetings once again from Oaxaca, Mexico for the world! Gracias por el tiempo que dedicas a mirar y escuchar las sesiones que aqui se emiten, Gracias por apoyar al genero House pero mas agradesco el apoyo que me brindan dia a dia…Disfruta la sesion pues fue hecha para ti…Su Amigo Dj Kosmilove Saludando una vez mas Desde Oaxaca, Mexico para el mundo!!! Vielen Dank für die Zeit, die Sie suchen und Hörsitzungen dass hier ausgestrahlt werden, Dank für die Unterstützung des House Genre, aber mehr agradesco Unterstützung gebe ich jeden Tag … Genießen Sie die Sitzung, weil es für dich gemacht wurde … Your Friend Dj Kosmilove Grüße wieder einmal aus Oaxaca, Mexiko für die Welt! Grazie per il tempo speso a guardare ed ascoltare le sessioni che sono trasmessi qui, grazie per il sostegno al genere House, ma più agradesco il sostegno che mi danno ogni giorno … Buona sessione perché è stato fatto per voi … Il vostro amico Dj Saluti Kosmilove ancora una volta da Oaxaca, in Messico per il mondo! djkosmilove.blogspot.com TrackList 01.- David Guetta Feat Vovel- Missing You 02.- David Guetta Ft Estelle- One Love (Chuckie & Fatman Scoop Remix) 03.- Luis Lopez Vs Jesse Lee- Is This Love (Dj Chuckie Remix) 04.- David Guetta