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The Evening Prayer – Kathleen Battle, Frederica von Stade

In the original German, with the English translation: Abends, will ich schlafen gehn, Vierzehn Engel um mich stehn: Zwei zu meinen Häupten, Zwei zu meinen Füßen, Zwei zu meiner Rechten, Zwei zu meiner Linken, Zweie, die mich decken, Zweie, die mich wecken, Zweie, die mich weisen, Zu Himmels-Paradeisen Evenings, when I go to sleep, Fourteen angels with me keep, Two stand at my head, Two at the foot of my bed, Two are at my right hand, Two are at my left hand, Two in covers tuck me, Two at morning wake me, Two that point the way to rise To heaven’s paradise. Though maybe not quite a „Christmas“ song, it’s as close to one as I can imagine! These 2 amazing perfomers are superb! We’ve Engelbert Humperdinck to thank for this unique song and melody, from „Hänsel und Gretel.“ Just one of many from his brilliant opera. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!DISCLAIMER: All rights reserved to the production companies and music labels that distributed and produced the music and performance respectively. I’ve only added the footage as a tribute for historical, entertainment, and creative purposes with no financial gain. Please consider purchasing the DVD respectfully. Copyright infringement not intended. Please consider the purchase of the Audio CD: www.amazon.com Or better still, the DVD! www.amazon.com
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Evening bells – Вечерний звон – Abendglocken

The song ‚Evening bells‘ in russian (Вечерний звон – Vecherny svon – Abendglocken – Les cloches du soir) by Ivan Rebroff. Lyrics : English Those ev’ning bells those ev’ning bells, How many a tale their music tells Of youth and home and that sweet time, When last I heard their soothing chime… Russian Вечерний звон, вечерний звон! Как много дум наводит он О юных днях в краю родном, Где я любил, где отчий дом… German O Abendlied, o Glockenklang, Wie rühret mich dein holder Sang. Weckst Sehnsuchtsdrang in meiner Brust Nach Jugendzeit und Liebeslust…
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