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Kris Kristofferson – Help me make it through the night – The Highwaymen (1990)

Fair use – No copyright infringement intended. The Highwaymen live at Nassau Coliseum 1990 Their awesome concert is available on DVD. www.amazon.com www.amazon.co.uk I love this song and this version so much. Awesome… I wished I would have had the chance to see them live together. KRIS, KEEP YOUR SPIRIT. YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER… The idea for this song, written in a helicopter tied down on top of an oil rig down in the Gulf of Mexico, had been sparked by remarks made during an interview by Frank Sinatra, who said that he would use religion, a broad or the bottle- „or anything else that would help a man make it through the night.“ Kris said that he probably started writing the song „because I liked Dylan’s ‚I’ll be your baby tonight‘ so much“. And that it was not about a special girl, but just what he was feeling in this little bubble helicopter 50 miles south of New Orleans thinking about asking someone to just help him through the night… Der Song sei keinem bestimmten Mädchen gewidmet, betonte Kris in einem Interview. Er flog damals als Hubschrauberpilot (das hatte er ja bei der Army gelernt) über den Golf zu Ölbohrinseln, und als er da eines Nachts festgesurrt auf der Bohrinsel in der Pilotenkanzel saß, 50 Meilen südlich von New Orleans, waren das seine Gefühle: einfach jemanden zu bitten, ihm durch die Nacht zu helfen. Und so schrieb er diesen Song. Inspiriert wurde Kris durch Worte von Frank Sinatra. Kris sagte, dass er wahrscheinlich begann, diesen Song zu
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