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Hey, Mimi (Michi) – Collab with KeepitCoolx3 [my part]

!!!WATCH IN HD!!!PLEASE ADD MY BACKUPS BACKUP-ACCOUNT ON YOUTUBE www.youtube.com ACCOUNT ON MEGAVIDEO www.megavideo.com My first collab :D … but I think, I could have done better…the masking got fu**** up :( But all in all I like it ^^ Please leave some comments :P AND you must watch the whole collab www.youtube.com keepis part is sooo great!!!! Anime: Digimon Adventure / 02 Song: LMNT – Hey Juliet Pairing: Taichi x Mimi (Michi/Taimi) Deticated to: Keepitcoolx3 (Das hat totaal Spaß gemacht und bin froh, dass wir zusammen ein Collab machen!!!!) HONORS #36 – Heiß diskutiert (heute) – Film & Animation #31 – Top-Favoriten (heute) – Film & Animation #86 – Beste Bewertung (heute) – Film & Animation THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY. I DO NOT OWN THE SERIE OR THE SONG.
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