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Hey, Mimi (Michi) – Collab with KeepitCoolx3 [my part]

!!!WATCH IN HD!!!PLEASE ADD MY BACKUPS BACKUP-ACCOUNT ON YOUTUBE www.youtube.com ACCOUNT ON MEGAVIDEO www.megavideo.com My first collab :D … but I think, I could have done better…the masking got fu**** up :( But all in all I like it ^^ Please leave some comments :P AND you must watch the whole collab www.youtube.com keepis part is sooo great!!!! Anime: Digimon Adventure / 02 Song: LMNT – Hey Juliet Pairing: Taichi x Mimi (Michi/Taimi) Deticated to: Keepitcoolx3 (Das hat totaal Spaß gemacht und bin froh, dass wir zusammen ein Collab machen!!!!) HONORS #36 – Heiß diskutiert (heute) – Film & Animation #31 – Top-Favoriten (heute) – Film & Animation #86 – Beste Bewertung (heute) – Film & Animation THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND IS IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE MUSICAL ARTIST OR ANIME COMPANY. I DO NOT OWN THE SERIE OR THE SONG.
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[special female vers] DN Angel Opening Byakuya ~True Light~ – fandub by Mimi

Dieses Lied habe ich für den guten alten Yoshi gesungen xD“ Vielleicht ist es zu viel des guten, aber den Carddex Mitgliedern singe ich gerne mal was vor. Das ich so hoch singe ist reine absicht, womöglich mache ich noch eine version und mit meiner echten Stimme. Naja: Viel Spaß! Anime: DN Angel Song: Byakuya ~True Light~ Voice&Mix: MirkaChan Original: Miyamoto Shunichi #68 – Most Discussed (Today) #13 – Most Discussed (Today) – Film & Animation #37 – Top Favorites (Today) – Film & Animation #80 – Top Rated (Today) #20 – Top Rated (Today) – Film & Animation #95 – Top Rated (This Week) – Film & Animation DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT DN ANGEL! THIS FANDUB WAS NOT CREATED FOR PROFIT OF ANY KIND. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR!
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