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Miki-chan Henshin! ~RANDOM HENSHIN

U Want Magic Circles? :P Google is your best friend!! ;) Please notice: this is only a random henshin! She would not appear in any of my animes, because as you can see she is inspired by Moetan. The idea for this charakter comes a few daws ago when I scribbled something in photoshop. I planned to make a random henshin a longer time ago but I had no idea for a cute character. When I scribbled Miki I thought she was cute enough to make a henshin for her. I also wanted to use Magic Circles because they don’t apper in my main anime because it don’t fit. Angels and Magic Cirles = NONSENSE! But I had a few Ideas to use some so I tried it here…hmmm but I fail a bit. I really need a better programm than Wmm! But anyway I like her! Go Miki-chan! haha Programms: Windows Movie Maker/ Adobe Photoshop elements 4.0 pictures: 305 Bg: 9 pics — 25.03.08 #30 – Heiß diskutiert (heute) #1 – Heiß diskutiert (heute) – Film & Animation #51 – Heiß diskutiert (heute) – Film & Animation – Global #82 – Meist gesehen (heute) – Film & Animation #30 – Top-Favoriten (heute) #4 – Top-Favoriten (heute) – Film & Animation #80 – Top-Favoriten (heute) – Film & Animation – Global #24 – Beste Bewertung (heute) #2 – Beste Bewertung (heute) – Film & Animation #75 – Beste Bewertung (heute) – Film & Animation – Global #56 – Beste Bewertung (diese Woche) – Film & Animation
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