Werner Beinhart! – Fußballspiel Part 2

Das ist das Fußballspiel am Anfang von dem Film Werner Beinhart!

Wheee i’m soooo proud of this and i think it’s the best thing i ever made! And the song – whaaa, it gives me chills everytime i hear it! The only thing is that i actually wanted to have it in a ghost effect, but this took me about 20 hours to render and then after a few hours the rendering broke down and i decided to leave the ghost effect out! But it would’ve looked a 100 times better! Anyway, this is the very belated 3000 subber video! I knew i shown a preview with a animash and the song „what if“, but i lost my inspiration on it so i created this, and it was, like always, a very unexpected video, but also a pain! I rendered it 3 times, so now i just hope yt won’t take it down due the copyright! Song: Prodigal Artist: One Republic Clips: Bambi 2 Enjoy and thanks for soooo many subbers!! #33 -Heiß diskutiert (heute)) – Film & Animation – Global #89 – Meist gesehen (heute)) – Film & Animation – Schweden #15 – Top-Favoriten (heute)) – Film & Animation – Global #14 – Beste Bewertung (heute)) – Film & Animation – Global #84 – Beste Bewertung (diese Woche)) – Film & Animation – Global #99 – Top-Favoriten (diese Woche)) – Film & Animation – Global #65 – Beste Bewertung (diese Woche)) – Film & Animation – Global
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Olena Seregina

Was ich soll und schulde, steht im Steuerbescheid.
Was ich nicht darf, steht im Strafgesetzbuch.
Und alles andere kann ich selbst entscheiden.
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