Azula Caught Herself

⋆PLS READ FIRST⋆ ~Not a winner in the contest~ Woohooo *dance* Finally finished^^ Sow… This AMV is for the Endless Life Production Contest^^ Yea, what else?… I didn’t use many effects but still… I like it x] I had to edit the song so it sounds a little bit strage… YouTube kept delete the Video with the Original song -.- And of course… Like aalways… the quality is really really bad, so pleeaseeeee watch in HQ or – if available HD – : ) I hope you like it aaaaand I hope the guys from the ELP like it, too x3 I really want to join the group x] ⋆INFO⋆ Song: I Caught Myself Artist: Paramore Taken Time: If I knew Used Program: Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 Pro Song Edited?: Of course o_ô Anime: Avatar Used Episodes: Avatar The Last Airbender Book 2 Episode The Chase Book 3 Episode The Eclipse Book 3 Episode The Beach Book 2 Episode Return to Omashu Book 2 Episode The Avatar State Book 3 Episode The Southern Raiders Book 3 Episode The Boiling Rock Part II Book 2 Episode The Guru Book 2 Episode Crossroads of Destiny Book 3 Episode Into The Inferno Book 3 Episode Avatar Aang Book 3 Episode The Phoenix King Book 2 Episode The Drill Book 2 Episode Appas Lost Days Book 2 Episode Zuko Alone Book 3 Episode The Awakening Book 3 Episode The Headband ⋆HONOURS⋆ #74 – Beste Bewertung (heute) – Film & Animation #83 – Top-Favoriten (heute) – Film & Animation #56 – Beste Bewertung (heute) – Film & Animation #71 – Beste Bewertung (diese Woche) – Film & Animation #82 – Top-Favoriten


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Olena Seregina

Was ich soll und schulde, steht im Steuerbescheid.
Was ich nicht darf, steht im Strafgesetzbuch.
Und alles andere kann ich selbst entscheiden.
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