John & Cameron – Chronicles of a Love that can’t be [Terminator TSCC]

Click here for HQ: First things first… Thomas’s voice on the „What are you doing?“ and „Why would I wanna kill you?“ is making my knees weak *.* (Almost) the whole of John’s and Cameron’s (Love-) story. I thought before the angst fest begins (and after last episode it WILL) I’d make one last (just slightly angsty) fluff video with all the scenes we loved so much =) Disclaimer: Just for fun, not making money with it. The song is „And then I kissed him“ from the movie „Pearl Harbour“ Honours: 10.03.2009 #70 – Heiß diskutiert (heute) – Film & Animation #10 – Top-Favoriten (heute) – Film & Animation #83 – Top-Favoriten (diese Woche) – Film & Animation #33 – Beste Bewertung (heute) – Film & Animation