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Let's play Minecraft #002 – Unser "Treppen"-haus

Let's play Minecraft #002 - Unser
In dem zweiten Teil der Minecraft-Let’s-Play-Reihe widmen wir uns voll und ganz unserem neuen Haus, dass ein schönes Dach erhält, danach wird die Insel ganz kahl, da wir alle Bäume fällen. Später pflanzen wir dann wieder neue. Seid gespannt auf das nächste Video.!…

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Shoot Many Robots – Gameplay Preview Trailer (2011) | HD

Shoot Many Robots - Gameplay Preview Trailer (2011) | HD
Even before watching this trailer, you know exactly what the downloable console game Shoot Many Robots is all about. Shoot Many Robots, their first wholly-owned original project which is planned for digital release later this year. Shoot Many Robots promises to deliver an onslaught of innovative cross-genre action that will have multiple players working together to fight through an intense and cha…

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Zombie Football Carnage – Debut Indie Gameplay Trailer (2011) | HD

Zombie Football Carnage - Debut Indie Gameplay Trailer (2011) | HD
Zombies plus American Football equals gore. Zombie Football Carnage is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games, being priced 80 Microsoft Points (1$). In this game you’ll fight through several waves of increasing difficulty, grouped in matches. To slay the zombies and monsters you have three main weapons at your disposal: a football, a charged attack and a dash to escape from enemy attacks. DOWNLOA…

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[How to build] Minecraft – Häcksler –

[How to build] Minecraft - Häcksler -
In diesem Video wird beschrieben , wie du die Monster-Falle „Häcksler“ bauen kannst. Die Verbesserung der Falle findest du hier: Comment and subscribe….

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